About my hubby

Hearing story from my hubby about his childhood memories maybe some people will don't believe with the stories
Theh think my hubby is "ngarang"
But the reality is not
My hubby tell the truth
We can see from his body
He is soo slim because he lack of food
And also lack of attention from his parent and sibling
How hard his life
From elementary school my hubby has been matured so much
Handle everything by himself
Even he has to handle his sibling and parents too
Too much mature
Maybe it makes him sometime how hard and so much diciplin
And like he write in his bio at facebook
Everything change, can be handled because of Allah
Yeah that's rite
How my hubby met me even we live in very very different world
But we are in the same frecuency
How come?
Because Allah's plan
Masya Allah