introvert mom

Im an introvert, i like to make a border, and with this border, people not easy to come
Because it's a border so the capacity small enough
And recently who come to my border only kids
Dunno why maybe because im not at school anymore so i don't have friend and im too busy handle them
Beside handle my onlineshop
In my mind what my priority is always about my kids and my omset
I have finansial goal to reach In every single day
Furthermore right now everything is expensive
School fee, living cost, transportation and many things so i need work extra which is in onlineshop i do it by myself so it seems make me don't have a friend
Sometimes i feel lonely but sometimes it makes me confort
I don't need to release exrtra energy to understand people
Making friend means u have to release extra energy to understand other rite?
I feel that my energy all of to my family and onlineshop
Yeah this is me a mom who dont have a friend circle just like other
I dont have photograph with friends for rite now
Im so different
But im oke
Sometime i just wanna friend just to make a photograph it sounds friend just for benefit kekeke
So it will looks bad for me so its better to be myself rite now
Only me, family