hello world, khansa is almost 7 months and ready for the next step of MPASI. such kind of more busy since she has MPASI, so i need help for my job as cashier. u know i'm working with hold my baby. it's not easy making invoice while holding or nursing baby. texting on keyboard and operate mouse only in one hand, sometimes right hand and even the left hand. being a mother is very wonderful, we have to manage everything well, and use the time effectively. and of course don't forget to relax at weekend. what my relax thing? it's sewing, yeah in ahad i do my hobby, sewing. soon i'll post my new sewing machine and all about my hobby. it's time to back to real KREASIKIKIY which is mean creative things by kiki (me). here my outfit of the day (ootd). purple pashmina and black basic dress by hanima