There's a rumor, multiply will close its blog, so i think it's time to move my blogging activity in here, my blogspot. No matter in here is different than in multiply, which is i can receive hundred comments, hehe, because multiply actually is social networking, concern in its blogging. There are many memories in multiply, i get new, awesome, humble friend in there, so lovely.


  1. I think that is just rumour. I underline the new Ceo's statement: "I believe that social and commerce can more than co-exist; the social features of our site are what make the commerce so powerful."
    Imho, the CEO believe that the social feature is powerful, and so he'll not remove that from MP.

    FYI: Using this blogging platform, you can make it for example: just like mine here:

  2. Replies
    1. around 85 to 95. My domain cost Rp. 95.000 in


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