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pregancy update

Last night, finally, i have a chance to visited obgyn to see my baby by USG. We choose Rumah Sakit Zahira located in Jalan Sirsak, Muhammad Kahfi 2, South Jakarta. Our Depok is near from Jaksel, so it's easy to get there, and it's not far. First, I call CS of Rumah Sakit Zahira and ask when the female obgyn is present. They said Tuesday at 8.00 p. m. We go to there after Maghrib, having a dinner at warteg, then get to there. It's a lil bit big Hospital. We have registration and there are many lines for the obgyn, many pregnant woman (with big belly), hihi. and my name's called, it's my turn. 

After have a short conversation, we have USG check up. Masya Allah...i can see u my baby. it's real! u are there in my womb. The doctor said part of baby. There's head, feet, leg, hand, heartbeat, spine, etc. Hubby sees the monitor amazingly. The doctor measure the weight and the lenght, she said my baby is normal and healthy (weight and lenght in normal line). Alhamdulillah :). It's 18 weeks

Let's talk about my pregnancy from first time i aware it. After have a late menstruation, i'm curious "am I pregnant or just too much tired so the mens is late?". I ask hubby to buy testpack at night. The whole night I can't sleep well, hihi, too much curious, and in my dream, I have positive result. In the morning I wake up, before Sholat Shubuh (prefer to say Sholat to pray, because Sholat is not just pray, it's a complete meeting with Alloh). I check my urine on testpack and taraaaa. The two line comes so CLEAR. yeah it's a thick two line. I'm positive. Me and Hubby feels happy and still can't believe, hehe. so we try in the next three times testpack, and it always POSITIF. Alhamdulillah.

At the first period, I feel just like usual, no morning sick, no nauseous, but after 10 weeks, i have morning sick at night, sounds funny rite? Sometimes i'm vomitting but it's so rare, it just three times in my 1st trimester. In my 1st trimester, there's a things that I do hate. I hate smell of garlic, bawang bombay, otak-otak. haha. And always like to eat fruits, rujak, and gravy foods. 

Now i'm in 2nd Trimester. My belly's getting bigger but other said that it's still not seems i'm pregnant. Because actually my body is slim and I have slim aura, haha. I often feel hungry and can eat all kind of food, Alhamdulillah. Many of my dress can't suit my body because i made it to much slim, in XS size. so I think I need to sew many new dress. haha


  1. Thanks for an excellent article! I appreciate your insights and agree with what you wrote. pregnancy doctor mesa

  2. ayo jahit mom dress baru yg banyak hihi...
    pssst, kalo aku dulu malah sering minjem jubah mamaku. Soale mamaku kan sizenya XL jd masuk semua deh ke badanku ;D

  3. iyah ini aku juga dapet lungsuran dari mbakku pas dia hamil


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