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(tebakan) do you know why most of foreign people are walk faster than us?


  1. jarak tempat angkutan umum (halte/stasiun) satu dgn yang lain jauhhh, jadi biasa jalan. Kegiatannya banyak, jadi musti cepet2..

  2. Karena mereka ga sedang di Indonesia...ekspatriat le tak temuin yo perasaan ga koyo ning Jepang mlakune mbasan tekan Indonesia...C#

  3. Interesting question!
    But ...Hmm...I am not confident enough to be able to answer precisely because I don't know the place they're walking and which foreign people that you want to point out, dear.

    I've met so many foreign people, who walk much slower than me in normal daily situation. (Regardless their age, and height-- because I am kind of petite, so most normal people are taller than me :D )
    Somehow, I love doing 'accidental' race with stranger on the street, anywhere, and well..I usually can beat those so-called foreign people whose home near the north pole when they are in hot weather or when they are in vacation in equator, (our homeland, for instance)
    But, I can't easily beat normal (read: when they are not drunk or playing with cell phones) Japanese.They walk fast even in Kimono!

    Most Arabs walk slow, I mean...I've almost never seen Arabs in a rush outside their country
    (I've never been to Arab countries yet, so I don't know their walking behavior in their homeland)

  4. iyah, mungkin gara2 cuaca juga. Kalo di sini, jalan cepat2 malah bikin tambah gerah.

  5. sependek pengetahuanku dan pengelamanku, panas dan kelembaban membuat sesak paru-paru yg biasa bernafas di udara kering dan dingin...biasanya jadi lelah dan lamban kalau biasa hidup di tempat dingin dan kering.

  6. karena orang bule long legs, wide neck
    orang kita short legs, standar neck

    terus cuaca kit tropis jadi hangat. hangat=gemulai
    sedaangkan mereka dingin=sub. hawane apa-apa pengen cepat


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