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marry u (baca:nikah yuk :p)

lyric translation

Love ~ Oh Baby my girl
You are my everything
My dazzling beautiful bride
You are a gift from god

We'll be very happy, your black eyes well up with tears
Even if your black mesmerizing hair turn white
My Love
My E.L.F
I swear I love you

Saying I love you everyday in my life is what I want to do most

Would you marry me?
I want to love you, treasure you and live with you

I want you to lean on my shoulders each time you sleep

With this heart of mine, will you accept me?

To accompany you for the whole life time
I do
To love you
I do

Regardless of snow and rain, I will be there to protect you
I do
Let me be the one to protect you
My love

You wearing the white bridal gown
Me wearing the suit
Both of us walking in sync towards the stars and moon
I swear
No lies, no suspicion
My dearest princess would you stay with me?

Even if we are becoming older
We will smile and live on

Would you marry me?
Are you willing to live the rest of your life with me?

No matter how weary and tired we are
I do
I will always be by your side
I do

The days when we spent together
I do
Everyday my heart will be thankful
My love

Since a long time ago
I have prepared this for you
Please take this shiny ring in my hand

Just like the mood today, remember the promise that we are making now
Would you marry me?

The only thing that I can give you is love
Although it is insignificant
Even though there are areas which I lack
I will protect the love between us, me and you
But let's make a promise
No matter what happens we will still be in love
And even so
Everyday in my heart will be thankful

Will you marry me?
I do~


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