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why do i love hanbok?

i love hanbok, why? 

1. wide
as we know hanbok is consist of two pieces, top part called jeogori and lower part called chima. the chima is always wide. i do love wide skirt. it makes me easy to move :p

2. loose
as muslimah, we're recommended to wear loose clothes, not make shape of woman's body. in order to protect the muslimah herself :)

3. colorful
i love all colors. hanbok is usually made with different contrast color, so it makes brightfull image. nanana. i love it

it's my first hanbok

and it's my second hanbok

which one do u like?


  1. halo mbak kiki..saya kontak mbak kiki di saya uriagustiono...ketemu lagi di blogspot ya :)


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