Monday, June 27, 2011

copas dari blognya dianarikasari

I really believe that being positive gives you greater positivity in return. My life has been full of struggles, and no matter how many falls, disappointments and tears I had to go through, I am proud to have always tried my best and let Allah decide. For any of you who is feeling down at the moment, please believe that everything happens for a reason, a reason that we might not understand at this point of time, but is actually the best for our lives. Stay positive and the universe will multiply that positivity for you...:)

so that's why i love her
n_n depoknya tanggal 4 juli...^_^

tetanggaku lagi ada acara "download" mantu ni, rame ey


abiz lulus ngapain i?
cari kerja?
eh bukan
cari rizki, penghasilan, duit
mengabdikan ilmu?
mau banget
melanjutkan studi?
tambah mau banget
apalagi itu, sangat mau

*so many things in my mind, mudahkanlah ya Rabb

Sunday, June 26, 2011

cowok aku

kenalin nih, cowokku, huehehe, ganteng kaaaaaaaaaan?

location : sunmor UGM this morning, sorry for my sleepy face :p

my boy

workshop sulam perca

have just attended workshop "sulam perca" by her at "festival kesenian yogyakarta

having lunch first at mie ayam giwangan with my twin little sister



 taking picture at vrederburg castle, the place for workshop









and this is our workshop product ^_^





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