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what a "gift"

today, i meet my daddy, just like usual, discuss my thesis. it just a few minute. i think that he's so busy today. oh, i'm forget. in the early morning, i've met my second daddy (dosbing 2 :p). he ask me to tell all about my research. i'm shocked because i haven't studied yet. i tell a little that i know (and i'm not really sure with my explanation). but daddy's noding. so, it doesn't matter when we say something little wrong, but people duno the right thing, people will just believe that we're right. hehe. but who knows that i've said right. essentially, i have to study more and more. so i can explain the right thing. not a fake, hehe

my first daddy (dosbing 1) give me a "gift" in my waiting time for the "koreksian" my draft. he gives me test paper of "kimia organik dasar" from agriculture faculty. i have to "mengoreksi" and give the mark. what a gift, daddy, "thank u so much". haha. and "fortunately", there's no aswer key. it means, i have to get the answer by myself. "that's sooooo good". haha. what a perfect "gift".

anyone can help me?


  1. anyone kok kayak baca anyeong yah XD

  2. Pertanian ya? Gampang kok i asal bukan matkul jurusan ilmu tanah.

    Sip. Selamat mengerjakan 'gift', belajar rajin, siapa tahu ini jadi 'jalan' ;)

  3. aku g paham bahasa inggris je.... cuma ya kalau ngoreksi tuh jangan sampai salah ya... ntar malah nilainya ancur semua kan parah...

    salam buat daddy nya... hua ha ha ha

  4. ne keren komentarnya..... i like it....

  5. @mb desi
    soalnya si kimia organik dasar
    tp justru yg dasar2 malah pd lupa :p

    aamiin ya Alloh
    tengkyuh darl ;)

    bantuin siniiii


    iya ni
    harus objektif nilainya


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