ramona and beezus

ramona quimby, 9 years old girl, who has older sister, name beatrice. but she likes to call her, beezus. ramona is a nice girl actually, but people consider her as trouble maker. she has a great imagination about everything in her life. such as when she's playing, she imagine that she's really flying like a sky diver. ramona often make a fight with her older sister, beezus. beezus is a teenager, puberty age. beezus and ramona are opposite, beezus always get good mark at school, neither did ramona.

one day, her father is fired from his job. whereas, they've been renovating the house, it should take a cost. dad's trying so hard to get new job, but he doesn't get the job immediately. at that condition, mom, who is a housewife formerly, trying get a job too. as a consequence, mom can't take care the little kids, a baby around 5 months. while mom and dad hunt for job, ramona and beezus stay at home and take care the baby . ramona understand what happen in their family, it's about money problem. she wants to help. so she try to make money. at first she sell lemonade which is made by herself. she sell it in front of the house unfortunately, the first buyer is Henry, a dreamboy's beezus. beezus feels so embarassed. they drink together and beezus spray out the lemonade in front of henry's face because there's a fly inside the lemonade. definitely beezus's so mad with ramona. ramona gives up on selling lemonade. another effort to make money is carwash service. she is helped by her aunty, named bea. the first costumer is hobart, ex-boyfriend's aunt bea. again and again, ramona makes trouble. the car's spilled a paint on it.

in the school, ramona has a friend who always look perfect. she's beatiful, smart, and multitalented. but ramona has just known that she is brokenhome child. ramona feels so grateful that she still has father that always stays at her side. even though she's not a good girl

at the next day, dad get a job, but it's in another city. so they have to move. ramona and beezus feel so sad because they like the house and the neighbourhood. ramona feels bad when she's knowing that her house will be sold and aunt bea will getting married with hobart. ramona feels lost everything she has. because of it, she makes trouble anymore, she damages the roof. dad's so mad with her. ramona can't hold back anymore. she wanna escape from house. mom knows about it. u know how's the mom's respons. this's the funniest and the most touchy part, hehe.

ramona : i'm nine years old, i think i can tell when i'm not wanted, i just have to run away
mom : ramona, don't be silly. you're not gonna run away
ramona : no, i mean it
mom : well, i'm sorry to hear that. how long will you be gone? i mean, just in case people start asking
ramona forever *crying
mom : well, in that case, i think u're gonna need a bigger suitcase
*bring very big bag
mom : okay, now i've added ur dad's old sweater. i don't want u to get cold at night. it's a little big on u now
but u're eventually grow into it
oh, and do u plan on brushing ur teeth?
ramona : *noding
mom : that's my girl. i packed ur teethbrush and ur toothpaste
just promise me that u'll brush ur teeth every single night
ramona : *confuse face

and ramona start to walk out from home. she's crying...
suddenly she really miss her family and fortunately, they've found ramona. they're hugging each other. what a great family. i don't think, there's american's family like that. just like indonesian. they're warm and peacefull.

this movie is recommended. it's real family movie

*blajar posting in english, feel free to criticize


  1. i'm nine years old kiki, could you believe that?

    :p haghaghag
    eh ki itu yang di line awal, but she likes pake s... ketinggalan yah...

  2. yeah
    i believe that :D

    ada lagi?
    titiknya juga pada lupa

  3. Raula Ramona..Istrinya Krisdayanto..C#

  4. @fatah
    ngerti koh



  5. Ibunya keren! Menjadi ibu yang kayak gitu cita"ku! \m/

  6. hu um
    memberi kebebasan tapi tetep sayang :D

  7. Aku juga, hehee, kalau punya anak kayak Ramona lucu juga. Ayah Ramona juga keren

  8. aiiih semalam aku baru nontoon asli lucuu pinter, cerda banget ramona *Gemes meski dia konyol ahhaha ... filmnya bagus, bisa jd contoh buat kehidupan RT :)


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