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i've just watched movie. the title is FLIPPED, the meaning is TERBALIK. what's flipped? the life story between two teenager bryce (boy) and juli (girl). at the first time, since bryce moved to juli's neighbourhood, juli has fallen in love at the first sight for bryce. just imagine, their age is 7. and the opposite, bryce hates juli so much. this condition happen until they've been a teenager. slow but sure, the condition has been flipped. juli become hates bryce and neither bryce did. it's caused by many reason. juli starts to feel that bryce always acts awful to her. juli keeps distance from bryce, it makes him feels bad. bryce starts to miss her and he realize that he likes her. bryce confesses his feeling to juli, but she has already hate him. in the end of story, bryce tries so hard to get juli's tenderness by plant her favourite tree in her yard. and juli opens her heart to him.

the lesson that i can take from this movie is:
everything can change (this is called flipped), whether u try on it or not. i mean, nothing's constant in this life. people can change. weather can change. people's mind can change too. sometimes u feel like it a lot, but at another time, it can change. just like my friend that start to dissappear since they're married. but another friends, that formerly, we're not close, they become close to me. everything's have been flipped.

the things that i like from this movie such as the setting time in 1960. whereas this movie is produced in 2010. so, it's cool when they can make it so real just like in 1960. and the family life is so warm. just like asian family. overall, this movie is fun, i like it ^_^


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