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he's just like our daddy

today, wake up early and go to ely's boarding house, help her to finish logbook. that logbook was bob up task from our lovely daddy, haha. it's nice phone call when we're at our hometown. what a sudden! formerly we planned to stay at home little bit longer, maybe 2 weeks, haha. what a complete escape. yeah, we only stay 3 days at home. after we've finished our logbook, we go to daddy's office. he's not right there at that time, he's meeting. while we're waiting, i take sholat dhuhur at second floor. there's Mrs. Isma, our friend, she's working at LPPT too, but i'm wondering, she's not wearing Lab coat.

after sholat dhuhur, he's still meeting, so we decide to go to DAA, take TPA's result. my heart's beating faster. i'm afraid if i fail. and u know the result? i get the best score. alhamdulillah ^_______^.

from DAA, we go to our lovely campus, haha. meet some friends, and pay for the yearbook (i don't like it :p). i meet my "senpai". she's in jogja for "studi banding" with her student. it's been long time not to meet her. she says that i'm become so thin. she thinks that i'm underpressured by our daddy. of course it's wrong! i (i mean we) enjoy to work with our daddy. he's a great "papa", hehe.

from campus we back to daddy's office and he's breaking from meeting so we can meet him. he says thankfully to us for our help. so do we. and he says "this saturday, come to my office, we'll do the draft (of tesis) together". wow, that's great, he's just like our daddy ^_^

*blajar posting in english, i'm sure it's kacau banget :p, but no what-what lah :p


  1. yes no what-what lah i".......namely just study.......may be different river will more better

    [ya rapapa i'...namanya juga belajar....mungkin lain kali akan lebih baik]

    -- lewih kacaw...ha..ha..--

  2. hihihi... sayangilah daddy-mu mba ;D

  3. mother yes not in linggis language..

  4. masi berkunang2 jar?
    mg cpt smbh ya

  5. amin...*boso jowo cilacap kuwi..weleh weleh..bablas ilmune..C#

  6. sing endi?
    mbok quote kabeh brarti kabehan?

  7. iki mah mumet moco postinganmu i'..

    mudheng ra "mother yes" ki opo?!


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