my plan after holiday

i'm in my hometown right now. take a holiday for a week. my sista has given a birth. so many things to help, including aqiqah for the baby. after holiday i will have midterm exam. i haven't studied yet, hehe. actually, in my mind, there so many things i've planned to do, they are :

1. making pants from abuthai fabric
2. making pillowcase as my mom's order
3. making corsage from ribbon
4. flanel creation (any idea?)

fufufu...i like to sewing ^_^

anyway, my header is new, my little sister who makes it


  1. aduh senangnya punya adek yg berbakat.. aku suka banget ama bannernya.. warna warni..hiiiiii ;D

  2. eh sekalian bikin web buttonnya deh ki. biar nanti ku pajang di "parade of beautiful blogs"ku

  3. web button tu apa mba?
    ga gaul ni


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