alhamdulillah, we made it

it's been long time not to post about my Lab activity because these two weeks I didn't do the Lab activity. i was waiting the results of sequencing. the results were not good and that means we have to repeat.after missing my Lab activity for two weeks, to start it again, we feel so heavy, hehe, especially on the Monday after weekend which is means vacation. but I always live up the spirit with an early sleep on Monday night and waking up early on Monday morning, as well as initiate my Lab activity, it start at 6 am. I left the house at 5.45 a.m. I think the streets are still quiet as it is still early. actually, it was the same as at 7 a. m. the streets are not so bad, but pretty crowded. the sun had already seen higher too

I arrived at Lab at 6. My Lab are open 24 hours because there are guards, so do not worry if the door is still locked. the guard said to me "mruput ya mba?", I answered "hihi, nggeh pak". there's nobody inside the Lab, so quiet, i can work freely just like my own Lab, haha
it needs 45 minutes for preparing PCR. i left the lab, go to campus, have a quantum mechanic lecture. i meet my soulmate devi who's wearing purple dress. aw aw aw, she looks so nice. her dress give me inspiration for the gamis design, that i was choosen to be designer for uniform gamis akhwat HIMMPAS *i'm sure that they've made a big mistake, haha

9 a.m...back to Lab again, having breakfast at "farmasi" canteen, which is near from my Lab. the menu are rice (i mean nasi yah, haha), fried egg, bean "oseng" and hot tea. while i was waiting elly, she still had a lecture, we took different class, i was running gel electroforesis. and when photocapture sesion, i have a little problem, my technician wasn't there, she had a training, so i couldn't borrow the camera, because it's locked at the cupboard. alhamdulillah, there's "mas-mas", he knows, where the camera is, and i can borrow it

ely had come, she did gel isolation, working under UV Ray, i don't brave, so elly did it for me, thanx elly ^_^. after gel isolation, we're running gel electroforesis again, and the result? excellent... alhamdulillaah, we can continue on sequencing for tomorrow. we hope the result of sequencing are excellent too. aamiin ya Rabb
there's still hope to join graduation ceremony on april 2011, hihi. people said "hang up ur dream as high as the star in the sky" I do either

keep on trying, keep on studying, keep on learning, keep enjoying, be happy

*blajar nulis in english, koreksi grammar are widely opened, tengkyuh


  1. *mbukak gugel translate gore nulis

  2. aku sing macane suwe, ngartikna dipit

  3. hehe
    aku juga nggawene mbukak gugel translate

  4. Masih ketuker mana past tense sm present. Trus jg active-passive voiceny jg ketukar.

    Over all, u did in a great way.. Congrats, keep writing

    *sotoy* ;-p

  5. ada beberapa kekurangtepatan pemilihan kata ataupun tatabahasa.. tapi ntar dulu deh.. soalnya udah jam segini,nyamuk2 mulai menyerang.. >_

  6. ooo
    tengkyuh yaaa

  7. "The best way to learn a language is by practicing," some old teachers says, but the new ones says, "The best way to learn a language is learn it unconsciously," and i say "You can do both.."


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